What you need to know about Allergies

Allergies are characterized by an overstimulated immune reaction to antigens in the environment and in foods. Otherwise benign substances like dust mites and pollen trigger our immune system to hyper-react, resulting in a cascade of histamine and inflammation. The result is a flurry of nasal, throat, eye, ear, and even skin itchiness, swelling, mucus, congestion, and irritation. No one wants to live in a bubble trying to avoid the outdoors, nor does anyone enjoy taking antihistamine pills and nasal sprays weeks or months out of the year. That’s why we’ve selected the following herbal and nutritional formulations to help treat both the symptoms and root causes of your allergies. The latest research shows that many environmental allergies are related to adrenal stress, hidden food sensitivities, and poor gut health, which all undermine your immune system. With Functional Medicine diagnostic tests that you can easily do at home, you can determine if any of these factors are the true cause of your allergies. We also offer research-based proprietary herbal and nutritional supplements to help prevent and calm your histamine response, reduce inflammation, open up your nasal and sinus passages, correct your adrenal fatigue, and strengthen your immune system where it starts - in your gut.


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