What you need to know about Headaches

Tens of millions of Americans from all walks and stages of life suffer from headaches - children, teenagers, college students, homemakers, working parents, entrepreneurs, and retirees. There are so many reasons why we get headaches. Mental and emotional stress, poor sleep, dehydration, postural imbalance, blood sugar and hormone imbalance, brain chemistry imbalance, food sensitivities, inflammation, oxidative stress, toxic overload, dysbiosis, infection, and leaky gut can all cause headaches. This is why Dr. Jamie strongly recommends you schedule a Functional Medicine consultation with appropriate diagnostic testing. It will effectively help to narrow down the options and get to the specific root causes of your headaches.

That being said, research has shown several commonalities amongst headache and migraine sufferers, such as magnesium deficiency, cortisol dysregulation, and higher levels of gut and brain inflammatory markers. If headaches are your concern, a foundational approach would be to focus on removing any offending substances, decrease inflammation and intake of inflammatory foods, and restore optimal nutrient levels. To help you with all these factors, we offer research-based proprietary herbal and nutritional formulations to calm your stress cortisol levels, reduce inflammation, rebalance your hormones and brain chemicals, and relax your brain and blood vessels.


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Recommended Diagnostic Tests and Supplements:

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