What you need to know about Immune Function

Every day we are faced with a multitude of seen and unseen assaults on our immune function. From microscopic bacteria and viruses to pollutants in the air and pesticides in our foods, not to mention the daily stresses of traffic, work, family, and the ills of our society - our immune function is up against great odds. But our immune system is designed magnificently to fight these battles vigorously and intelligently. We just have to avoid weakening it with sugars, toxins, and stress, and then support it with the nutrients it needs. We offer research-based, proprietary herbal and nutritional formulations to boost your immune function both at the humoral level (think mucous membranes, white blood cells, and antibodies) when you are facing an acute illness like the common cold or flu, and also at the gut level where 80% of your immune system resides. Remember, we come in contact with the outside world and most of its assaults via our gut, or GI tract - the long tube from our mouths (which is connected to our nose - another orifice or opening to the outside world) all the way down to our rectum. So the health of your gut matters immensely in developing a robust and resilient immune function. Managing mental-emotional stress is equally important, too, because every time you go into a stress response, your immune function weakens. Dr. Jamie encourages you to consider all of the diagnostic tests listed below if you suffer from a chronically impaired immune system to determine if it’s stress, an infection, inflammation, oxidative stress, or toxicity that’s weakening your defenses.


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Recommended Diagnostic Tests and Supplements:

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