What you need to know about Inflammation

The roots of virtually every chronic illness, from cancer and cardiovascular disease to autoimmune disease and Alzheimer’s, can be traced back to chronic inflammation. It’s important to understand that acute inflammation is a normal and strategic aspect of our immune response. When we encounter a stressor like a pathogenic bacteria or food toxin, our bodies launch an inflammatory response to effectively suppress and overcome the threat. Once the threat is over, our inflammatory response quells and inflammation stops. At least it should. But living in our modern society, our inflammatory buttons are repeatedly and incessantly pushed by psychological stress, infections, toxins, inflammatory foods, and leaky gut, leaving our internal terrain in a chronic state of systemic inflammation that affects our joints, muscles, skin, GI system, cardiovascular system, and brain. The good news is that with meaningful changes to our food choices and lifestyle, we can greatly reduce and prevent chronic inflammation. We offer research-based proprietary herbal and nutritional formulations, along with Dr. Jamie’s line of CBD products, to boost and support your efforts to reduce inflammation.


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