What you need to know about Weight Loss

Food and lifestyle are the primary modifiers of weight loss. A diet high in sugar, sugary drinks, high fructose corn syrup, processed carbohydrates, and refined vegetable oils and trans fats will surely cause weight gain. But a diet rich with whole, nutrient-dense plant foods, organic animal and plant proteins, healthy fats from avocados, olive, coconut, and non-predatory fatty fish like salmon and sardines, will enable you to lose fat-weight. As we age, weight-bearing resistance exercises become all the more important to slow our natural loss of muscle. The greater our muscle mass, the better our basal metabolic rate, meaning the more muscle we have, the better and faster we metabolize food and burn fat.

The hormones most relevant to weight loss are cortisol, insulin, and thyroid. Again, food and lifestyle are the most powerful regulators of these hormones. Fortunately, there are “biohacks” that can influence our hormonal and metabolic systems to help us lose weight. We recognize that most people are doing their best with their food choices and exercise, but they still need help with losing weight. That’s why we offer research-backed herbal and nutritional formulations to normalize your fat-storing hormones cortisol and insulin and optimize your metabolism to help you use your foods for energy rather than for fat storage. Remember to keep your gut healthy with probiotics and gut-healing nutrients, because virtually every imbalance and illness starts in the gut.


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