What you need to know about Gut Health

Many health problems and diseases find their origins in the gut. That one long tube from our mouths to rectums is our primary interface with the outside world. Foods, bacteria, toxins, and microorganisms from the outside world get inside of us via our GI tract. 80% of the adult immune system resides in the gut, and it’s our immune system’s job to recognize what’s bad (pathogenic or disease-causing) versus what’s good. The good substances like beneficial bacteria and nutrients are allowed passage through the gut lining into our bloodstream and into all our tissues and cells. The bad substances like toxins and pathogenic bacteria are denied access and kept within the confines of the gut to ultimately be eliminated through the stool. For many people, however, the gut lining is compromised. We call this leaky gut, or intestinal hyperpermeability. This wreaks havoc on the immune system and leads to bloating, headaches, pain, brain fog, moodiness, inflammation (which is the basis of all diseases), and autoimmune disorders. An imbalance between beneficial and pathogenic microbes, known as dysbiosis, also disrupts our immune and GI systems. This commonly happens with antibiotic and NSAID use, a diet low in whole plant fibers, and high levels of psychological stress.

To begin to heal the gut it’s important to remove the bad, like inflammatory foods and GI irritants such as alcohol, caffeine, and drugs. Then we replace what’s missing with the good, like amino acids and phytonutrients, plant fiber prebiotics, and beneficial bacteria. We do this through the diet and nutritional supplements. Then we repair, again through the diet and supplements. The supplements we offer are proprietary nutritional and herbal formulations backed by sound scientific research to heal your gut, optimize your GI function, support your immune system, and quell inflammation.

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