What you need to know about Menopause

Menopause marks a natural and ideally beautiful time in women’s lives when we transition out of our fertile years through the gradual waning and ultimate cessation of our menstrual cycles. Menopause often coincides with empty nests, newfound personal interests, a deepening of close relationships, and a clarity of identity and purpose founded on years of accumulated wisdom. At least, that is the hope for our 50s and beyond. But due to chronic stress, hormonal imbalances, poor food choices, compromised nutritional status, toxic overload, and insufficient physical activity, many women experience premature menopausal symptoms as early as their mid 30s through 40s. The early onset of menopause results in many years of fatigue, irritability, irregular cycles, hot flashes, night sweats, low libido, sugar imbalances, headaches, stubborn weight gain, fibroids and cysts, and numerous other symptoms.

As common as premature menopause is nowadays, it need not be every woman’s story. Establishing a healthy work-family balance, securing enough “me-time” and rest, eating nutritious foods, minimizing sugars and processed carbs, exercising and maintaining muscle mass throughout life, and engaging in positive outlets for stress all help to ensure that our estrogen and progesterone levels decline gradually and smoothly, without hormonal upheaval or emotional angst. Science has shown many herbs and nutrients to be immensely helpful in metabolizing and maintaining an optimal balance of female hormones, reducing menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats, and supporting our mood, energy, metabolism, libido, and brain function as we age. We offer science-based, proprietary herbal and nutritional formulations proven to help you navigate menopause with peace and confidence.


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